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    Lord of Daemon Empty Lord of Daemon

    Post by God of Sorrow on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:17 am

    Archfiend Cavalry
    Archfiend Cavalry
    Archfiend Commander
    Archfiend Emperor, the First Lord of Horror
    Archfiend Empress
    Archfiend General
    Archfiend Giant
    Archfiend Heiress
    Archfiend Heiress
    Archfiend of Gilfer
    Banderillero Archfiend
    Banderillero Archfiend
    Dark Tinker
    Lancer Archfiend
    Mad Archfiend
    Mist Archfiend
    Phantom King Hydride
    Picador Archfiend
    Tour Guide From the Underworld
    Trance Archfiend
    Trance Archfiend
    Archfiend Matador
    Allure of Darkness
    Archfiend Palabyrinth
    Axe of Despair
    D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
    Dark Arena
    Falling Down
    Fiend's Sanctuary
    Foolish Burial
    Ritual of the Matador
    Archfiend's Roar
    Bark of Dark Ruler
    Dark Bribe
    Dark Illusion
    Escape from the Dark Dimension
    Fiendish Chain
    Final Penalty
    Hate Buster
    Spirit Shield
    Threatening Roar

    Extra Deck

    Blood Mefist
    Chaos King Archfiend
    Dark Highlander
    Stygian Sergeants
    Underworld Fighter Balmung
    Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction
    Pilgrim Reaper

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