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    Post by God of Sorrow on Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:27 am

    Lord of the Demons XiBrKbP

    Name: Kumori Sessou

    Age: 20

    Race: Human(Small Mythos-esque abilities) --> Mythos

    Allegiance: Leviathan

    Deck Name: Dark Game -> Lord of Daemons

    Deck Type: Archfiends, DARK and Fiend-Type monsters.

    Deck Master: Terrorking Archfiend -> Archfiend Matador -> Diabolos, King of the Abyss

    Numbers: Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction

    Personality: Kumori has a jaded way of talking and almost always has the ultimate poker face on his face. Aside from pain, he doesn't show much emotion in his tone or his face, but he will use actions to show how he feels. He is shown to have genuine concern for people, especially concerning their morality.

    Biography: Most of Kumori's childhood has been with him and his older brother Shinkyou. It was a struggle but they were strong as long as they had each other. However, one day, at the age of 8, they were chosen due to their current unfavorable circumstances to be used in an experiment. They were abducted stealthily and taken to an unknown underground facility hoping to reactivate the lost Ascended research in the form of a new means; the mighty Diabolos, King of the Abyss, which they managed to seal and capture in a run into The Miasma. In these trials, the two of them were subjected to various experiments to raise their inner darkness and control it, in an attempt to make them compatible with it. They were also infused with dark essence for their bodies to get better accustomed to it. However Kumori, with little darkness in his heart thanks to his older brother, was deemed unworthy despite his inability, despite his skill at dueling.

    One day, in front of Kumori's eyes, his brother lost his life and vanished in an "accident" involving a renegade Dueling Program and a ceiling collapse. The loss of his brother tore him up inside and left him a broken child as he lifelessly continued his experiments. The loss of his brother quickly built up the darkness in his soul and made him a prime candidate for Diabolos. But before they could give it to him, the base experienced catastrophic destruction. Through all the destruction that ensued, Kumori was one of the few who managed to escape alive, protected by another abducted child who urged him to keep living. After the destruction, the child gave its life for Kumori to live on, buried in the devastation with almost all the others. With nothing to seek in life, he became a young wanderer.

    He never could stay in one place for very long due to how uncomfortable he felt in the hands of the families that were not his own. But more than that, he wanted it all to end. His heart hurt too much and he was jaded from all the pain he'd suffered, but he had no drive to end it himself. So he would continue wandering until his end came. As he grew, he came to know many people, and as he knew more and more people he began to realized something about himself. The experiments had given him the ability to "see" darkness within a person's heart. He also had better vision at night. Due to this, he could see all the pain and suffering others were experiencing, and how they thought the same as him.

    Having seen one such man succeed made him feel jealous, but that jealousy was short-lived when he saw the pain of that person's loved ones. Their pain was far greater than the pain the man felt, and it struck hard in Kumori's heart as well. For this reason, whenever he saw someone in similar pain, he would try his best to improve their hearts, despite his own being so heavily damaged. Years passed and his experiences seem to have softened his heart a bit, though he remains expressionless at almost all times. Having heard about the incident involving the Faction soldiers and the recruitment occurring at the Republic, the topic of him joining was pushed on him by his peers at the time, pointing out his reliability. , he decided to head to the Republic to become a strong NDS Duelist and obtain the power to protect others.

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