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    Post by BlackSno on Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:51 am

    A Pure Soul ZQejhUN

    Name: Crystal Protector Dia Montral

    Age: Actual Age: 237 years Appearance age: 22

    Race: Duel Spirit

    Allegiance: Leviathan

    Deck Name: Crystal Regalia -> Tarnished Gem

    Deck Type: Crystal Beast -> Advanced Crystal Beast

    Deck Master: Crystal Protector -> Crystal Vanguard

    Numbers: Number 52: Diamond Crab King (If not already taken)

    Personality: Generally Kind and gentle, but with a more assertive personality than you'd expect. Speaks softly, and dislikes anything with a dull or rusted appearance.

    Biography: A Being from an ancient civiliation, devoted to protecting and raising the rare and powerful creatures known as the Crystal Beasts. Servitor's of the legendary Rainbow Dragon, her people worshipped the great dragon as a god. Dia Montral was a very rare being among her people, as she was able to communicate with all of the different crystal beasts with ease, where most needed training or special devices to understand them. Eventually she became a priest, devoted to the almighty Rainbow Dragon, and slowly she rose to even become the High Priestess, practically the leader of her people. That was, until the day the barrier broke down, and chaos ensued. The temple she prayed at was torn asunder, as several of her people, herself included were left in a strange world with little of what had gone on.

    Soon, those few who'd come through had discovered that many Crystal Beasts had made it through, and through Dia herself they were able to calm them from the Miasma. though now cut off from their home, the Crystal People found a way to live on, and eventually Dia herself, seeing the destruction of the human world she could not bear it. She was the only one there who could lead her people, whether it was to battle, or simply to continue their way of life, she would protect them no matter what. And so she set out as a duelist, to use the power of her people, the Crystal Beasts, and even the Rainbow Dragon itself to make this place safe for those that were now trapped there. And so she was the first to go, to try and gain the power that these humans had with dueling. She would get stronger, for her peoples sake. That was her decision.

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