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    Pure Innocence V2 Skyward_sword__carefree_zelda_by_2d75-d4tngt6

    Name: Junsuina Tsubasa

    Age: 18

    Race: Human

    Allegiance: Leviathan

    Deck Name: Starlight Warriors

    Deck Type: Photon

    Deck Master: Photon Lizard

    Dark Augment: Frenzy Miasma - When a monster is about to be destroyed, flip a coin. If tails, that monster is not destroyed and gains 800ATK and switches to Attack Position and cannot switched position as long as its face-up. If a monster is affected by this Augment while face-up on the field a third time, destroy it at the End Phase of the current turn.

    Personality: A complete ditz. She takes every word literally, does not know about lying, and cannot see the bad in things unless told it is bad. However, she is also extremely nice to the point of helping even the most sinister of people and shows great loyalty to the point of being singleminded. She also shows at random times or during duels moments of intelligence, though it is usually never lasted long. She is a hardworker, willing to do any work given to her, though she doesn't always do a perfect job.

    Biography: Junsuina Tsubasa is born from a long forgotton line of the Tsubasa bloodline, a much more poorer and not so special side. She grew up as quite the beauty among her home, despite though the poor treatment she received from her family. Her parents showed no love for her and instead used her to gather money in any way they could, often forcing her to work for others as her beauty attracted a lot of people. They did make sure though to never have it cross a line, showing some decency for their daughter. Despite all this though, Jun worked diligently to bring in the money for them, showing nothing but love and care for them and her work. She also ended up winning Duel Monster tournaments when her parents discovered her talent for Duel Monsters. This caught the eyes of servants of their ruler, Minerva Mundus. They hired the ditzy girl to work as a personal servant for their lady. From then on, Jun worked as hard as she could to meet her lady's demands while satisfying her parents by bringing them her pay.

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