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    Morgan von Castus


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    Morgan von Castus Empty Morgan von Castus

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    Morgan von Castus 8jomZ3h

    Name: Morgan von Castus
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Allegiance: Simorgh
    Deck Name: Knights of the Stars
    Deck Type: The power of the stars combined with the blessing of the light! Satellarknights and Star Seraphs working together hand-in-hand in order to become a force to be reckoned with. Using help from each other, they are able to bust out extremely powerful XYZ's using 3-materials and then giving the new form inherited skills from those before!
    Deck Master: Rainbow Kuriboh -> Honest -> Fairy Cheer Girl
    Deck Ace: Number 102 -> Number C102
    Numbers: Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry

    Personality: The "Redbird of the North" is extremely playful and loving. Throughout her young, childhood life she had to face a multitude of trials which made her more sensitive to others and was incredibly emotional. After falling in love and losing it, she is looking for someone to fill up the hole left in her heart. At times, she can be spiteful and cruel, but only if someone had insulted or questioned the undeniable love that she felt for anyone.


    Bio: Told that it is her right to inherit the throne, Megan, bid her to one day defeat the King of Freedom and take his place. She did bare that same obsession as her mother, but before all that was her adoration for King Lucius. She felt ashamed of her twisted birth, unconsciously acting jealous of normal knights, and, with the special innocence that children possess, she worshipped the "brave king."
    She protected the way of the knights much like that which could only be found in folklore and legends with tales of epic adventures, working hard daily in being the ideal knight, all while hiding her dislike of others. Knowing she was the daughter of one of the most brilliant kings of the North, she felt that in name, reality, mind, and body that she was fit to be the true successor of the King of Knights.
    On her 12th birthday, she approached the king with a face filled with passion, telling her father that she would one day inherit the title of King of the North. But Lucius rejected her very clearly. Saying that, while Morgan is certainly born from him and his wife's plotting, that he will not recognize Morgan as his "heir". Morgan believed that it was all due to the King's hatred for Megan, that it would be impossible for her to be accepted.
    Thinking that was the reason her title was the weakest, believing that no matter how hard she tried, even if she excelled over everyone, that the King would forever view her as a dirtied child from the moment she was born from Megan, her great love for the king up until then made her hatred burn stronger than even the bluist of pure flames.
    As time grew on, so did her bitterness for the king. Yet there was one who always understood her, one who was always by her side and supportd her. The lowly commoner, born from a family of peasants, who had resided in a small village close to the castle where the highest of nobles reigned. When Morgan was out of the castle alone, honing her combat skills, she noticed a boy around the same age as her with his arms holding some invisible weapon, pretending to swing it against a tree.
    Thinking nothing of it, she approached the person to get a closer look at him. His fair-haired, brown hair accompanied by his ice-blue eyes instantly stood out from the rest of him. In those eyes, she found something that reminded her of herself. Was it the lonely eyes of the boy? Or the determination as he lunged his imaginary blade into the heart of the tree.
    "You should have your stance a little wider, and put not only your arms into it, but your back and legs. This makes the lunge pierce further and creates a more accurate strike." the girl said to the boy. Hearing someone behind him, he immediately froze and nervously turned around towards her.
    "...Y-You heard that?" He paused, closing his eyes in case she had a look of total embaressment waiting to humiliate him. Mustering up his courage, he opens his eyes to reveal the young girl. With her noble face, blonde hair and green-jeweled eyes. She's beautiful... He thought to himself. "Who are you...? I've never seen you before. But if you look as you do, you must be from-"
    "From the caslte, correct? I am the one and only daughter to the current ruler of the North, King Lucius von Castus. Morgan von Castus." She was both shocked and amazed at how someone living so close to the castle, would have no idea who the one forever denied of her right to rule. It was... Liberating. Finally, someone who didn't know her. "And you? What is your name?"
    "..." There was a stillness in the air. Looking down at the grass the fair-haired boy looked up into her eyes and replied "Mordred... Mordred le Fay..." Mordred le Fay. A cursed name from a tainted family. Centuries ago, the name belonged to a great knight, who ended up backstabbing the king at the current time. Who also tried a coup d'etat against the throne, was executed and the name and family have been shunned and ridiculed ever since. "I can already tell what you're thinking. With this filthy name of my ancestor, I must be a child born to bring about ruin. But you would be wrong, I want to become a knight. I want to restore the name of my family to it's former glory." With such vigor in his eyes, even just the thought of it sounded possible. "Besides, if you're a knight, then you must play duel monsters right?"
    Duel Monsters? Him? There's no way a common- But he wasn't. Even if his ancestor a traitorous knight, he was still a knight. And thus they must have a famillial deck passed down through generation. To the Northern people, Duel Monsters was a very rare game to be found playing and only those of some form of nobillity were ever able to even find enough cards to build a deck.
    "I may or may not. The only way you'll know, is if you accompany me to my chambers. I wish to talk futher with you." After agreeing to go her room whithin the castle, they played a few games of Duel Monsters with Morgan and Mordred normally being neck-and-neck for a majority of each game before the girl gained the upperhand and quickly dealt the finishing blow. "Hehe, you're pretty good for someone not of a noble family. What cards are those anyway, they resemble my Satellaknights a fair amount."
    "Oh these guys? The Star Seraphs, the Celestial Stars is what I called my deck. Pretty cool right?" Wielding such a pure and powerful deck. It's hard to think this person was the descendent of the greatest traitor in our kingdom's history. "Tell me... Do you think my dream is stupid? Is it even worth following?" he just stared at the cards that were on the table infront of him.
    "Of course." She replied locking her eyes and his. "There is nothing in this world that isn't worth fighitng for." She repeated the same words she had told herself a million times before smiling at him, she felt her heart skip a few beats. She wasn't sure exactly what it was... But it was sure to shape the future of her life from that day onwards. "Besides, If I ever take over the throne, then you shall be my knight... Right?" He smilled back at her and bowed.
    A few years later, Morgan and Mordred were practicing their swordplay in the same spot they met back then. Mordred using his newly polished sword technique, representing his talent as an ideal knight compared with Morgan's brutish, berseker style of kicking and shoving in order to attain a victory. If one had looked on them, they would see a girl trying to beatdown and murder a noble knight in the field. And like how most of their bouts end, Morgan used any means necassary to gain the advantage and end it in an instance. With the boy on the ground, the girl offers her hand.

    "Brutal as always, eh?" Pulling him up and torwards herself, she gave the customary symbol of a spar being finished, putting away her sword and bowing to her opponent with the boy doing the same in unison.
    "Oh please, In a battle, those theatrics will only get yourself killed. Using any method to attain the victory as if there was some form of honour and glory on the battlefield. If it means me survivng that battle, you're damn sure I'm going to do anything it takes." The noblewoman scoffed.

    "To think you would insult my chivalry to my face... Shall we settle this with a game of Duel Monsters then, Bluebird of the North?" He smiled. She took his hand and ran on back to the castle through the Autumn leaves. Bluebird of the North... A title she gained after slaughtering a whole uprising by herself. After playing a few games, it was clear who the better player was, but the boy was vastly improving every game. No longer making mistakes he would before. Even winning his fair shair of games. Even going as far as to lending him her deck to get a better grasp on how to build a balanced deck.
    A little while later, it happened. The incident that made Morgan into the same boastful, haughty, hating girl as before, but with only despair left in her heart.
    "Morgan, tell me. Just who is that boy you seem to be getting along with?" the King asked from his throne, the young lord kneeling before him.
    "Mordred. Mordred le Fay..." Morgan was able to accept him because like her, he was wronged by events he could not prevent, yet her father, the king, would not allow his only daughter to be influenced by a 'cursed' child. "My father, I have been conversing with him almost every week since I met him. He is pure my liege and would be a valuable comodity of the realm!" She regretted saying his true name, but if her father is asking about him, then he already knows everything.

    "Silence. I want no more of this. You are to never see him again, and if I do, I will make certain he is dealt with accordingly." She knew that was a lie, there was no negotion in his voice, he was going to kill him whether she stayed away or not. The girl burst out of the long throne room, and out of the castle the quickest way she knew. Running for Mordred at the fastest pace her legs could carry her. She quickly went to their "spot". Where is he? He should be here...
    "Hey there Morgan, you okay? You seem like you're exhausted." He tapped her on the back. "I've got both our decks if you wanted to go a few rounds-" She wasn't sure how to act, she only had her sword and nothing else. She could try and outrun the court with the boy... No of course, they have horses. They would be caught immediately. There was nothing they could do. "Oi oi! You okay?!" he was waving in front of her eyes the whole time she was thinking of running away with him.

    "My father..." She could barely get the words out. "My father wants you dead.". He starred at the "usual" tree. "I'm sorry... He knows everything..." The young boy pretends to strike at the tree. With a blade of air in his grasp he swings and swings and finally, leads up with a lunge with a widened stance, pushing his legs and back into it more than his arms for a brilliant lunge.
    "I'll be fine... I'm not going to fight him, I would rather show him myself that my clan have changed. For the better, I'm going to fight destiny. I'm not allowing my descdentents to be revilled as traitors, I want them to bask in this countries light as people once more instead of being forced to sneak around whithin the shadows. So, I'll be fine." He pulled the girl into an embrace and thought of the time they had spent together. The boy was able to feel the girls emotions, nervously shaking through his arms.  He held her cheek in his hand. She had never noticed how small her head was in comparison to himself. He just smiled and gave the most hopeful gleam she had ever seen. She threw her hands around his head and got on her toes in order to just touch his lips with her own. That was all, just the smallest of pecks between the two. Both their hearts had skipped several beats by this point.

    Galloping. A single man with a cloak as red as the blood of his enemies and with a sword standing at the same height and width as Morgan. This was not a sword. A sword would not be so big and heavy that it would require the superhuman strength of a brute. It's length is unbalanced and difficult to control. Yet he and the horse still carry it with ease. And 2 other men, one that looked to be of arsmagus rank within the castle, the other was a bowman of the archers of the holy lake. The magi had the seal of the grand wizard, Merlin the Wise and the bowman was carrying the sacred bow of the lake. This would make him the famed Verizion of the Wood.

    Her mind was racing and thinking a thousand things a second. They can't outrun them, especially with their horses.  "Hello Morgan. What a pleasure surprise to meet you here." Not even paying any attention to Mordred. "Now, get away from that disease and get over here right this instant. If you do, then I may retract my earlier statement regarding the rights to inheritance." She just nuzzled into him even more. She was tired of it all. Could she not just be allowed to have the one person in her life she has a true connection to?

    "Father, I'm not going anywhere without Mordred!" She yelled straight into his chest. The boy merely closed his eyes at her devotion. Robin immediately grabbed his crossbow and loaded it with a strange crystalised bolt with inscriptions written all over it.
    "No! You fool! You might hit the princess!" Merlin shouts towards his comrade in arms. The archer merely looks at his king, ignoring the wise wizards plea. The king just nods, not even in his general direction and the archer of the lake knew his place and holstered his weapon. "Please my lord, don't do this. Do you not recall of the vision I had many moon ago? If you go through with this, it will not end well for most of us... You know what the gods will do if you break the most sacred of magic. The root of all creation! Total despair, especially upon your daughter-"

    "She is my flesh, blood, and in turn she belongs to me. I will decide what is best for her at this given time." The arsmagus was just disappointed in the once so great "King of the North". "Now then Boy, let us go into the woodland her to 'discuss' certain matters." Mordred just nodded whilst stroking Morgan's back.

    After slipping through her arms and giving her a soft pat on the head, the "cursed" one gave a wink and smile towards the "denied" one. She knew what was about to happen. Her father was most definetely going to kill him... Was there anything she could do...
    The King of the North dismounted from his glistening steed and beckoned for Mordred so that they could talk in private a whiles away. Morgan could do nothing but watch as both her single and greatest friend in the galaxy and the most prestegious of kings  took off together, leaving her behind.

    After walking towards the foresty area and somewhat in the dark, mirky woods, the king finally came to a halt and turned towards the disease to the throne. "You are Mordred le Fay are you not?" The boy could only nod. The pressure that the king could emit was far greater than most generals could in the heat of battle. "Very well then... I wish it would not have come to this boy. However, your very existance is not just a threat to me... But my entire lineage, even my worthless daughter."

    Mordred just looked down at the ground in not fear. Not terror. Pure anger. Worthless? This mad man considers her as nothing?! How utterly ridiculous! "Even though you may be a king in title, there is no way someone who lacks the understanding of what a true king even is. You are the sort of king that would sacrifice the people and all their treasures, just to save yourself... A true king... Would hand themselves over in order to ensure the country is as prosperous as ever! And we le Fay, all we want is to be able to be proud of our name once more, to be virtuous knights, to serve the realm as not just some banished family, but as our once noble clan!" He gripped the handle of his blade. This is it. The definining moment. He shall kill the king and all those who stand in his way just to save himself and Morgan.
    "How ridiculous... You honestly think you can match me in combat boy? You are but a fledgling in comparison to me and my years of experience... Utterly ridiculous! Very well then, you want to be a knight, then show me your skills with blade in hand! Draw your steel, boy! I hope you have enough tricks in stock!" The king took his steel blade from his back and held it in a position that you could never call a 'stance'. The boy had taken out the blade that had soiled his family's reputation. That had killed a previous king. That had lead a coup de ta. Lucious had raised his blade and was a second away from going straight onto the offensive. "How amusing. You use the same blade that had slain my forefathers from years apast! This had better be worth me using my full strenght, b-" The king had looked down. The oddly shapped blade pulled the boy's arms into the most perfect of strikes. A total balance of stance, power, speed, bloodlust. The blade had done most of the work for him. "I'm impressed... No hesitation... Now go protect the new King..." With his final breath he muttered some unspeakable sentance regarding a new king. He knelt down and closed Lucious's eyes before running back to his love at full speed.
    The grand wizard got off his horse and put his hands on the sobbing, little girl. "You must survive this ordeal m'lady. I know it may not make sense right at this moment, but very soon you shall find yourself in a state of even more despair. You will most definetely lose your purpose in life. Please, live on. If not for yourself, then for the sake of your people." She merely looked up at him and sobbed more. Yet in the distance, she had seen someone run towards them full speed, it was the one she loved.

    There was only one... Which meant it was now her time to act. But before she could, the gifted bowman was already firing his crossbow, loaded with those strange phatasmic bolts. they were made specificly to fire at someone and not have their projectiles be visible. Morgan knew she had to do something. She hatched the brilliant idea of distracting the archer from Mordred. But what about Merlin? She had no time to think, only react. "Hey, lowlife of the lake!" He immediately reacted upon his sacred homeland being spoken off poorly and aimed his crossbow at her.

    "So long. You can thank your boyfriend over there for this." Just as he almost pulls the trigger, Merlin uses his magic in order to break the crossbow, halting his movements long enough for the girl to mount a horse and get the other ready for her love upon arrival.
    After a few minutes of the boy and girl talking to one another, they decided to try and run away. Merlin gave them all the money he had and hoped them well on their journey and prayed that no misfortune ever befall upon them. Thinking in the back of his mind that it seemed that the future sight will not come true after all. This was all before he realised the loyal servant had escaped the arsmagus's sight and used one of his bolts to sneak upon and stab Mordred repeatedly. As he fell to the ground, with blood spurting everywhere, the servant moved his line of sight to his next target.

    "My loyalty for his majesty is eternal!" shouting as he tries to stab the heir to the throne. It was useless however. Immediatly stabbing him through the chest with her greatsword. Dying instantly. She kicked him out of the way of her sword and went to her dying friend.
    "That was awesome... If only I could have spent a little more time with you." laying on the ground, breathing was even a bother for him. The girl was just dumbfounded as she watched him bleedout. Even the great Merlin could not do anything for a man in that state. He was beyond saving. "Oi, why the long face? I'm sure you'll be the best king around... Here, take this to celebrate your promotion to kingship." he reached into his back pouch to take out a deck of cards as he forced them upon her. "Mix them with yours and then we'll truly be one of the same soul..." In his last words the girl just started to weep tears and tears, taking her hand and holding it against her face. "Yeah... If it's like this, you should be a better king than any... Time for me to kick the bucket..." closing his eyes as he finally bleed out.
    After a few days, the king was decalred dead. The charges were pinned upon Mordred and Morgan became the new king. However, she quickly abandoned her post upon realising that the kingdom should not be ruled by a single monarchy but instead, a democracy of the people. The country that once was sad over always being at war had finally taken a chance to rest and let the wounds of war heal over.
    The king ended up travelling on a journey around the world for a few years before coming across New Gen City. Whilst walking around the city, taking in all it's different culture, a man approached her mentioning that he could "Give her back what had been stolen". Taken about by this she turned to meet the man who replied "Follow the Simorgh.." before vanishing into a ark alleyway.

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