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    [Introduction] ME5KP2R


    This city is the sole culmination of heroes of old and humans in the past using their power to create a world to protect themselves. Using protective Spells, a massive barrier encases this and many other cities around the world, protecting them from the harmful effects of The Miasma. Within the Republic, you'll find a melting pot of cultures and a collection of history of humanity's past. Those that protect it, the duelists of the Factions, are skilled at what they do and capable of leading everyone to a better future.

    Recently, however, a detachment of 12 Duelists, 4 from each faction, and 1 lead was released to seek out an unknown energy signature outside of the Republic. The team had been lost for approximately a week before the team's leader, , returned alone, telling stories of how his group was attacked out of nowhere by deadly monsters with skin of black steel. With this in mind, the Republic began to send out recruitment for talented duelists who want to make a difference in humanity's future.

    Keep in mind, the rules of dueling in the Republic are much different than anywhere else. When you come in, you won't understand much about it, but you will be briefed and trained in using your new tools correctly. When you are finally fully trained, you will help the Republic understand the nature of these monsters, as well as other forms of support.

    Monsters are attacking constantly, having been driven mad by The Miasma, and you will need to be at your strongest to deal with them. However, in the midst of all this, something much more sinister is being realized...

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