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    [Humanity's History]

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    [Humanity's History] Empty [Humanity's History]

    Post by God of Sorrow on Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:18 pm

    [Humanity's History] JqKxbxO
    The Beginning of Despair

    It appeared out of nowhere that day, the purple mist... Centuries ago, there was a massive explosion of energy in Gen City, a city built for duelists to hone their power, as the history books say. Regardless of the intent, in the aftermath, a wicked fog began to envelop the world. Nowadays, this mist is referred to as "The Miasma". Upon contact with the fog, the Duel Monsters began to come to life. Driven mad by the Miasma, they set off on a rampage, destroying countless cities and driving humanity to ruin. Humanity was also affected by the Miasma, being driven to cause harm to other humans and cause chaos. As the Miasma spread around the world like a plague, humanity attempted to hide their cards from it, but it was fruitless for as the Miasma spread, so too did the monster's rampage, destroying even more cities and towns and releasing more monsters into the world.

    However, a man appeared amongst the destruction, with two powerful dragons by his side. With them, he fought for humanity's liberation. One dragon, which was surrounded by a hellish aura, burned away the monsters attacking humanity. The other, sporting two draconian heads with a female body in between them, unleashed massive orbs as hot as the sun. The man himself also seemed to be able to manipulate those affected by the Miasma and was able to purify them, dispersing the darkness back into the Miasma. In time, the purified monsters offered their assistance to humanity by offering their connections to allow duelists to pull out even greater power from their cards, bringing the usage of Deck Masters into light. It took many years but he was able to keep humanity protected long enough to barricade itself from the Miasma. After this, nothing more is known about the man and his two dragons...

    [Humanity's History] 3qoGoPl
    The 3 Emperors

    After humanity managed to protect itself from the Miasma, it slowly began to rebuild itself from the ashes of its ruins, along with the Duel Monsters who had been freed from the influence of The Miasma. Upon this reconstruction were 3 very important figures in history: The 3 Emperors. These 3 men spearheaded the restoration of humanity and had the greatest influence. The 1st Emperor used the manpower he had mustered up to build and restore buildings, towns and cities. The 2nd Emperor had planned carefully in order to figure the best locations to restore and which areas to watch out for. the 3rd Emperor saw to the prevention of infighting among the humans tasked with the restoration. The three of them used their technological, intellectual, and physical advancements to return humanity to it's former glory.

    After having obtained plenty of cities and towns, the Emperors decided to continue their advancement to allow humanity to defeat the Miasma. To do this, they decided to create a city dedicated to advancement. However, when it came to ruling the three had completely differing views on how it should be done. The 1st Emperor believed that the populace should be held strong through the strength of those who keep watch and guard over it, the 2nd Emperor believed that an phantom hand in guiding the lives of the people was required, whereas the 3rd Emperor believed that a perfectly balanced law system must come first above all else. Unable to come to an agreement, the 3 settled on ruling 3 different cities with the intent of sharing their advancements for the betterment of society. They've left the city they envisioned, however, controlled by 3 Factions based off of their respective Deck Masters that they managed to control: Behemoth, Leviathan, and Simorgh.

    [Humanity's History] W14leOT

    Within the newest century, Leviathan's technicians began a project to increase a duelist's capability. The result of these experiments lead to the development of powerful orbs imbued with mystical power which could advance a duelist's capability call Augments. Where the source of these came from is unknown, as the 2nd Emperor refuses to divulge information on their creation. All that can be known is that these powerful Augments draw their strength from the duelist's own spirit. Each Augment responds to an individual duelist a different way and, depending on the type, can have positive or negative effects to them. The 2nd Emperor claims to want to use them to train the spirits of the duelists in the city and, while still withholding information about their creation, shows proof of the advancement of the duelist's spiritual resistance. Seeing the potential of the advancement, it was decided to integrate it into Duel Disks and made available. However, due to the requirements of Augments, it would require a learning curve in order to use more effectively.

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