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    "Wind guide you in this restrictive world..."

    Name: Qaletaqa the Watcher

    Age: 24 (from when he was frozen, due to his cryogenic sleep he's much older.)

    Race: Duel Spirit

    Allegiance: Simorgh

    Deck Name: Passer of the Mist -> A New Generation

    Deck Type: Mist Valley -> Gusto

    Deck Master: Mist Valley Watcher

    Numbers: None.

    Personality: Qaletaqa was raised as a stalwart soldier, so he has a level of seriousness. Outside of this, he is a bit more lax in his mannerisms. He generally shows worry for others who need help and request it. He loves the wind and sky and can always be found outside, even when sleeping, except when it gets cold (cuz cold bad. <.<)

    Biography: Qaletaqa was the watcher of the Mist Valley in the Duel Monsters World. His clan vanished from the face of the earth when Trishula froze the planet. When the boundary between the Human and Duel Spirit World was broken due to The Miasma, various places  of the Duel Spirit World appeared in the other world. Due to this, upon excavating, researchers found the frozen remains of a Mist Valley native, Qaletaqa.

    Upon being unearthed, he was hit with a heavy dose of Culture Shock and spent a good deal of time free-running around the city he was unearthed in (he has Prototype-level parkour skills, minus the destruction.), but quickly realized how constricted these cities were in the face of The Miasma. After calming down for a good deal of time, he realized something must be done about the restrictions of this new world if he were to live within it. That said, he'd heard the Imperial Republic, the forefront of the human race, was recruiting new duelists. Seeing no other path ahead of him, he took to the next train to the Republic to make his new future.

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