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    English Lyrics:
    Shaking in red, in red, in red  
    To the edge of the dream, the dream  
    We can't be separated

    Already, everytime when I'm stifled to death after I give up again and again  
    My emotions that have no place to go wake me up  
    Your flawless smile knows it's an existence  
    So distant that it's cruel

    Even thought he incurable wound only eats away at my heart  
    Even now I can't completely hold back my thoughts  (that dwell)  (within)  the darkness

    Shaking in red, in red, in red  
    To the edge of the dream, the dream  
    We met; destiny begins to turn  
    A secret that no-one, no-one knows  
    I fall, I fall, I fall  
    I certainly can't return anymore, even if I carve out my sins

    While I was walking in the abyss of loneliness, I was saved  
    By realistic eyes that never change  
    But a shadow born as the light is bright  
    Deeply and pronouncedly creeps up to me

    The two heartbeats are exactly like two mirrors facing each other  
    The  (pains)  are similar  (but)  different and continue infinitely

    Burning in red, in red, in red  
    Erasing everything, everything  
    An unfulfilled illusion begins to move  
    Strongly, strongly  
    Overcoming, overcoming, overcoming the fleeting night  
    I certainly can't escape, even if I drown in my sins

    Shaking in red, in red, in red  
    To the edge of the dream, the dream  
    We met; destiny begins to turn  

    (Second Theme)

    English Lyrics:

    Living a life in slight misery
    The dead are knocking on the door, aren't they?
    The small master cannot watch indifferently
    It's an unpleasant story

    Throats and bodies that split open and widen
    In order to melt a dead heart
    Leisurely swallowing up life
    I gouge out eyes

    Hey, you prayed too, right?
    Whenever you glared at me
    That kind of tragic spirit is
    Something I really love

    Welcome to the interior of my womb
    The endpoint of love and ego
    You will soon be reborn as well
    It's wonderful to be like a monster, right?

    Saying things like "Ahh, God, why?"
    "I'm sick of this already!" you cried
    Just accept it, this is fate
    So next, next, next, let’s work hard for the master

    Legends, life, and even people’s fate
    And inadvertently falling in love, too
    Quietly, the snake laughs out
    “Such stupid things.”

    Ah, how difficult, what a challenge, I can’t stand it
    What licks at a dull heart is
    Trimming away at a small life
    Embedding in those eyes

    Ahh, it dwells in you, right?
    The "power of meeting eyes"
    You are this tragedy's queen

    Enjoy it, this life of yours!
    Weaving together love and egoism
    Those wavering days are beginning to break as well
    Matching pace and heading to the “first tragedy”

    “Give it back!” You lamented,
    "I’m sick of it already!" You wept
    You knew it, right? That's fate
    That terribly petty and fragile story
    Is the real thing, isn't it?

    No matter how many times you deny it
    This foolish life you're living
    Begins to return to those same days
    Recklessly, uncouthly,
    Cry, sob, wail, and become intertwined.

    Ahh, it’s an unsightly life
    Before you ask “Why?”
    You asked for too much and now serve to sin
    Hollow miracles will break open and collapse

    Saying “It’s enough already!”
    No matter how many times you just cry
    Even the end will quickly fade away

    And the next, next time it comes
    The next, next day
    And the next, next next one after that too,
    Let’s ridicule it!


    Xavier Gallion 3db05ebbe0ab3fb5908118847fb3a33f

    Name: Xavier Del Gallion

    Age: 15

    Allegiance: Leviathan (To be aligned with Kumori)

    Race: Mythos (Vampire) (Thinks he's human)

    Deck Name: Cold-Hearted Desire

    Deck Type: Vampires control the Zombie horde as it claims total victory against the opponent.

    Deck Master: Vampire Lady --> Vampire Lord --> Vampire Genesis

    Numbers: Number 50: Blackship of Corn, Number 66: Master Key Beetle

    Ace Card: Crimson Knight Vampire Bram --> Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon

    Personality: Xavier was always a very shy child, finding it hard to interact with anyone, including his own parents. As time went on, he began to go so far as to ostracize himself from the rest of the world, speaking to no one and leaving his study only to eat, use the restroom, or grab more study materials. After leaving his home, he continues to hold this personality, but only during the daytime, as at night he seemingly changes, becoming more open and talkative. When he speaks, he does so as politely as possible, though with a malicious intent seeping in the background. He hides resentment and pain behind this two-faced nature, making it almost impossible to tell if he is ever sincere about anything.

    Biography: Born to a wealthy family, Xavier was the first of 4 brothers to come into this world. As the first-born, his parents expected many things from him from the time he was able to walk. They made sure he learned how to talk long before his second birthday, and began teaching him a diverse multitude of languages as well. Once his third birthday had passed, he was taught to read and write, first in English, then after his sixth, in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, and Japanese, continuing until he was 11 years old.

    The only problem that his parents had about their son was his shy nature, a nature they both frowned upon. He was brought to expert after expert, psychiatrist after psychiatrist, trying to find the source of the "problem", but none was found. Eventually they just gave up, deciding he was no longer worth the struggle. Thinking he had done something wrong, Xavier dared not approach them, even as he heard their conversations, considering making his brother the heir instead of him. However, he never gave up, determined to please them, he studied everything from history to computer science, trying to assure that he would be a worthy heir to his family's home. But even then, he couldn't please them.

    Soon his title of heir was stripped, and granted to their second son. In accordance, he was to be disowned and instead employed as a maid at the home. That way there could be no denial of his brother as the next heir. Not ready to accept the fate his parent's wished to bestow, He left, disappearing into the night and taking as much as he could hope to carry with him, including all the money he had saved up since he could remember, almost $400,000.

    His out of home life hadn't been going much better, as his shy nature prevented him from being able to make any friends on his own and he just couldn't bring himself to trust the few people who tried to let him into their lives. So he had stopped visiting them and eventually stopped leaving the house entirely, deciding his studies should be more important. Never before and never again would he regret a decision as much as that one, as he ran through the nighttime streets with the darkness as his only comfort.

    Almost a year later, he had become know as "The Vampire Kid" due to his albino complexion and his contempt for the Sun. His personality had entered a dramatic change as well, though only during the night.

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    Xavier Gallion
    Xavier Gallion

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    Subject Name: XAVIER DEL GALLION
    Compatibility: - CN
    Possible Augments
    [CN] - Blood Drive
    [CG] - None
    [CE] - None

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