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    Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!

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    Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!  Empty Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!

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    Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!  Syura_Art Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!  Akame_ga_kill__shura_syura_render_by_edosasori-d7nbj8z

    Name: Masagi Zettai II

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Allegiance: Behemoth

    Deck Name:

    Deck Type: Noble Knights, with spells and traps following the theme of Royalty, I.E. cards like Royal prison and Imperial Iron wall, as well as others such as Crime and Punishment

    Deck Master: Ignoble Knight of Black Laundsallyn --> Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn
                                                                      --> Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus

    Numbers: Number 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld

    Due to his upbringing in Simorgh, Masagi is a very logical and calculating person, believing on an almost computer-like basis. Despite this, his logical concepts often shine through as warped and twisted. A good example is his concept of "the weak deserving death while the strong thrive".

    Even though Masagi agrees that the world is a corrupt one, especially the empire, he still feels entitled to it and wishes to rule it, arguing that "Even though this Empire, no, the world is corrupt, I will be the one to fix it, to show that even in such a cruel world, my strength shines through, and I will trample upon the weak, and re-shape the world so that the strong may do what they will under my command." Masagi's hot-headedness in comparison to his logical thinking makes him a dangerous contender, showing sadist and masochistic values, in claiming that "if the weak truly wish to not die, then accept the pain that is forced upon you, let it fester and make you strong enough to live. Do our bones not grow back stronger if we break them?".

    Masagi has no problem turning on allies or letting good friends die for the sake of his obsession for the throne, his dark side getting the better of him should anybody threaten his way to the top. On top of his obsession for the throne, Masagi is also obsessed with the concept of truth and justice. Understanding the truth of the empire he wishes to rule one day, Masagi accepts it, and will use his warped sense of justice to fix it -- which is of course, to eradicate the "vermin who plague my great nation".

    The Legend of the One True Heir:
    Masagi Zettai was born January 1st, ****. He grew up with a noble Simorgh allied family who looked after him while his parents were away on business duties he was always told. It was always business related, and it was assured to Masagi that the reason why he is so special and he gets to live in such a beautiful place is because his parents are very strong people who will it to be so. Even though he never knew his parents, Masagi looked up to them very much, keeping up his studies and getting very high marks. It was here that Masagi's ideals of truth and justice would be shaped, how good and justice will win because in his mind, everything is very black and white; there are winners and there are losers, and the winners will always prevail and be painted as heroes. Masagi's ideal that History is told from the tale of the victors, and the victors are always right became deeply seeded in Masagi by the age of 10.

    Upon his 13th birthday, Masagi found out that his father was not only man of nobility, but of royal blood passed down from the old Behemoth Emperor himself. Ecstatic to hear about such wonder, he said goodbye to his care taking household, and ventured out into Behemoth territory, where he truly belonged: with his father and mother. After weeks of searching and running out of money for food, water, and a place to stay, Masagi got desperate, going door to door and asking for a place to stay briefly while he searched for his father. As he traveled the empire house by house, he always took note of how small they were, often finding himself uncomfortable at night (especially in the beds or cots they prepared for him, he would always find himself itchy and complain to himself).

    Masagi would often be kicked out of homes a day or 2 later, after the household would get tired of his passive aggressive attitude towards their economic status, or finding out the name of the man that he is looking for. After realising the trend, Masagi got so desperate for money that he spent the last few of his dollars on Duel Monster cards -- a game he played often as a child to alleviate boredom in between his studies.

    It was at this time that Masagi began his career as an underground duelist while on the search for his father. Often times Masagi would either duel and win against his opponents, or use his status as a crutch to win, threatening to take all of their land away should they win. Masagi obtained a lot of money. But he felt a sense of shame: "has my ideals of justice wavered?". Masagi always questioned himself...after the match was over. He didn't want to admit it to himself, but Masagi loved the rush of dueling, his favorite were games involving the shock collar, where the amount of lifepoints you lose are equivalent to the amount of pain you felt, dubbed "Pain Games". While playing his first Pain Game, and realising you take real damage equivalent to how damaged you get, Masagi purposely dragged on the game to continously deal damage. His opponent was shocked so often and at such a high voltage, he died. Masagi's only reaction was absolute bliss.

    "That's a world where everything is corrupt, I don't need a title or a throne, I only need myself, money, and to win. Only the strong survive. If the weak cannot endure their pain and become stronger from it, then they deserve no future." - Masagi after winning his first Pain Game

    As Masagi (Nicknamed by many thugs and underground duelist "The Zettaigi the Executioner", Masagi himself spending the last several months only calling himself "Zettaigi") continued to play Pain Games, and duel more and more, his desire to find his father diminished, this was the lowest point in Masagi's life for his ideals, where he almost became a completely different person.


    One particular man who owed Masagi money led him to an underground dueling hub at the capitol of Behemoth's empire. It was just like every other tournament: win, don't die, get the cash money, and get out. As he stepped up to face his opponent, the man across from him simply grinned with glee.

    "Are you my opponent, Zettaigi the Executioner?"

    "What of it?" Masagi retorted

    "If you are able to harm me, then I will reveal to you quite the secret." his opponent sneered

    As the two dueled, Masagi was overwhelmed. Turn after turn, he was completely unable to keep up with the power of his enemy's Noble Knights. As Masagi's enemy equipped his Lancelot, Ghost Knight with excalibur, Masagi saw his life flash before his eyes, as he stared down a monster with 4000 attack points.

    That's when Masagi had a revelation.

    "Only the strong survive" he reminded himself.

    "If I can't defeat such vermin like this man in a dirty basement, then I have no right believing in my own heritage! I need to endure this pain so that I can become stronger. Do bones not grow back stronger if you break them? I refuse to die here!!!" - Masagi before he takes Number 23 for himself.

    With an amazing turnaround, Masagi manages to steal his own enemy's monster with Snatch steal, attacking him directly for 4000 straight damage.

    Masagi's enemy is instantly shocked, his lifepoints dropping immediately to 0, and ending the game.

    "Just like I promised, if you hurt me, I'll reveal something that is quite the dozy." Masagi's opponent coughed out, as he vomited blood.

    "What are you talking about?" Masagi panted, still spent from the game.

    "I didn't expect my son to turn out so handsome." he responded

    Masagi was crushed. The man whom Masagi originally set out to find, the man whom he idolized since he was 13. This man is not only an underground duelist, but dying because of him. Masagi's concepts of justice, truth, and victors all rushed in his head, it threw him for a moment. For a very brief moment, Masagi went insane.

    But suddenly, he became very Sane.

    Masagi didn't bother going over to his father's dying body, but rather, he spat on it.

    "Don't make me laugh, dad." Masagi retorted

    "In this world, there are winners, and there are losers. It's winners who are deemed strong. And it's the winners who deserve the right that is life. Because I won this duel, I'm going to continue living, and you're going to die, and there's nothing more to it." Masagi begun

    "I'm going to succeed the throne of this wretched empire, and I'm going to turn the entire system on it's head. I'm going to make this world one fit for the strong to continue being strong, and for the weak to perish." he continued, a cold, rising fury in his voice.

    Masagi looked down at his father, who's fearful face suddenly turned to a grin.

    "You really think that you'll succeed the throne, my son?" he nearly whispered, is breath getting airy

    "We'll see how much of a winner you truly are, then." Masagi's father breathed

    After that, the body went Lifeless. Masagi noticed his father's Noble Knight deck. It was powerful, and commanded many nobles. It's perfect for an Emperor to be.

    Masagi took it without another thought, and left.

    Weeks later, Masagi finally was able to arrange a meeting with the current Emperor of Behemoth. It is here that Masagi finds out that he is a bastard child, and his father was only half royal blood because he too was a bastard child. In reality, Masagi is only 1/4th royalty.

    Masagi's resolve did not falter. Because of his royal blood, Masagi was banished from Behemoth, due to the emperor's fear of what Masagi might do finding out that he is 1/4th royal blood.

    "This changes nothing, you fool! So long as I have this royal blood coursing through my veins, I will do everything in my power to see to it that that throne is mine." - Masagi to the current Emperor, as he leaves Behemoth, exiled.

    Since then, Masagi has hired a hitman to assassinate the Emperor, pronouncing him dead and ushering in the age of the new Emperor.*

    With the empire under new Management, Masagi is now free to go back to Behemoth at will. His conquest for the throne is not over.

    Not by a long shot.

    "This is only the beginning. With the old emperor and my old man out of the picture, there are only so many more targets to destroy before I can claim my Empire. I am the one true Heir to Behemoth. That is my Birthright." - Masagi after hearing news of the successful assassination of the last Emperor.*

    OKAY! There's a lot of RP-wise controversy in my piece I feel like. Mainly because I basically am saying that I am responsible for the murder of an older Emperor before the current Behemoth one, and also because I'm saying I am eligible to be an Emperor, although RP wise it will probably not happen any ways, rofl

    Red: Quotes regarding Masagi's character, plays into how he is as a person, and goes hand in hand with his personality profile.

    Green: Dialogue! The dialogue can get lost from time to time, so I color coded it green to make it easy to follow (hopefully)

    Olive: Important plot points for my character! Anything I thought was SUPER important, more so than anything else in my Biography, I labeled olive (the lighter green), so you can read that bit and skip everything else (Although I advise you read the whole thing, because if you have any questions about the purple text, I probably answered it or elaborated in the non-coded text)

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    Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!  Empty Re: Rightful Heir to the Behemoth Throne!

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    1. Family elders are expressing disapproval of you to the rest of the family. Do you:

    [D] Silence them any way you can

    2. Would you give up a promising career to aid the family in time of need?

    [D] No.

    3. Would you betray a family member to advance your own career?

    [A] Yes, without a twinge of guilt.

    4. Do you respect the leaders of your family?

    [B] They're role models for me.

    5. If your family had arranged your marriage to someone loathsome, would you:

    [A] Go through with it, proud to serve your family

    6. You're estranged from a family member. On his deathbed, he seeks reconciliation. Do you:

    [C] Discuss your estrangement openly and without rancor

    7. A powerful but corrupt judge offers you wealth if you'll testify against your friend. Do you:

    [A] Condemn your friend and take the money

    8. Do you become close to friends, or hold most people at a safe distance?

    [D] I try to keep people at a distance.

    9. Have you ever betrayed a friend?

    [A] I've done so more than once, and I sometimes get away with it.

    10. How do you view lifelong commitment to a single romantic partner?

    [D] Tie yourself to one person? Huge mistake.

    11. Do you insist on repayment when lending money to friends?

    [D] No, they just owe me a favor.

    12. Are you still in touch with childhood friends?

    [C] No, I move around to much.

    13. Do you donate time and money to improve the local community?

    [D] No, my local community would be a waste of time and money.

    14. Your community is threatened with invasion. Do you:

    [A] Help defend it to your last breath

    15. If you were injured and required immediate assistance, would members of your home town agree to help?

    [D] Definitely not, I've made some enemies in my home town.

    16. Do you respect the laws and authorities of the community?

    [C] When it suits me--there are some laws I just don't agree with.

    17. Do members of your home town shun, avoid, or mock you?

    [A] Yes, their small minds can't handle anyone outside the norm.

    18. Would you stand for office or seek to represent the interests of the community in some public manner?

    [A] To do so would be an honor I'd joyously accept.

    19. Your country is wracked with famine. Would you:

    [C] Steal what food you needed to survive?

    20. If offered enough money, would you slip a poison into your king's drink?

    [A] Yes, I've done similar things before.

    21. A plague is sweeping across your country. Would you:

    [C] Avoid contact with the sick

    22. Do you respect the lawful authority of the rulers of the land?

    [A] Yes, long live the queen!

    23. If you were offered a reasonably lucrative deal, would you spy for a hostile foreign power?

    [D] No, because I'd never violate the trust my nation puts in me.

    24. Do you rely on the government to enforce contracts and property rights?

    [B] Yes, because the courts are best equipped to handle such disputes.

    25. If imprisoned, would you injure or kill others to escape?

    [B] Yes. They knew the risks when they took the job.

    26. Do you accept a noble's right to treat badly the serfs who work on his land?

    [A] Yes. They're lucky they're not slaves.

    27. You have accidentally committed a crime. Do you:

    [C] Hide your involvement, lying if you have to?

    28. If guilty, would you confess to a crime?

    [D] No, and I'd try to "prove" my own innocence.

    29. Would you express a revolutionary political opinion if threatened with punishment?

    [D] No, politics aren't worth getting worked up about.

    30. While traveling, you witness an assault. You are ordered to testify, which will delay your travel significantly. Do you:

    [C] Remain reluctantly, testify, and leave.

    31. What is the best use of wealth?

    [D] To not only stay on top, but keep others from climbing to your level.

    32. When confronted by beggars, do you:

    [D] Ignore them as you walk by?

    33. By using magic, you could fool village merchants into thinking your copper pieces were made of gold. Do you?

    [A] Yes, and I'll buy as much as I can.

    34. You have two job offers. One pays more, but the other is secure and steady. Which do you choose?

    [A] Definitely the lucrative job; steady work sounds like drudgery.

    35. What's the best path to wealth?

    [C] Following a long-term plan that incorporates a comfortable level of risk.

    36. If you accepted a job or contract, would you try to finish the task even if it got much more dangerous?

    [B] Yes, because it's good to have a reputation for dependability.

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