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    Function over Form


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    Function over Form Empty Function over Form

    Post by Moichris on Fri Dec 19, 2014 1:16 pm

    T.G Catapult Dragon x2
    T.G Cyber Magician x2
    T.G Drill Fish x2
    T.G Gear Zombie x2
    T.G Jet Falcon x2
    T.G Metal Skeleton x2
    T.G Rush Rhino x2
    T.G Striker x2
    T.G Warwolf x2
    Junk Synchron x2
    Level Eater x1

    Battle Waltz
    Dark Hole
    Limiter Removal
    Mind Control
    Mystical Space Typhoon
    One Day of Peace
    Soul Charge

    Battle Stun Sonic
    Compulsory Evacuation Device
    Double Type Rescue
    Ghoul Summoner
    Powerful Rebirth
    Synchro Material
    Wave Force

    Extra Deck:

    T.G Blade Blaster
    T.G Halberd Cannon*
    T.G Hyper Librarian
    T.G Power Gladiator
    T.G Wonder Magician
    T.G Recipro Dragonfly
    Ally of Justice Catastor
    Ally of Justice Decisive Armor
    Ally of Justice Light Gazer
    Armory Arm
    Formula Synchron
    Goyo Guardian
    Jeweled Red Dragon Archfiend*
    Red Dragon Archfiend*
    Scar-Red Nova Dragon*

    *Obtained later through plot.

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