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    Self Tales Deceive

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    Self Tales Deceive Empty Self Tales Deceive

    Post by Abysswalker Artorias on Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:01 pm

    Lies and secrets, they are like a cancer in the soul. They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind.
    Self Tales Deceive 9VmOuUV
    Name: Yuuto Shima
    Age: 20
    Affiliation: Simorgh
    Deck Name: "DDD"
    Deck Type: DDD, DD, Stygian, Covenant. --> DD, DDD, Covenant, Numbers, Elder/Outer/Great Old God

    Ace Card: DDD Kaiser the Conqueror
    Deck Master: DD Proud Chevalier --> Dragonic Queen of Tragic Ending
    Numbers: Numbers 23: Lancelot, Ghost Knight of the Underworld, Number 14: Greedy Sarameya, Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon

    Yuuto appears as a cheerful male, often drifting away from reality or not taking anything seriously, not even the most grave of situations. This lead to many people, be it male or female feel attraction to him and the friendly aura of his. But even with such popularity, he is always seen walking home alone from school, always declining any offer of walking together and shoving people away from outside of school. Because of his actions, not many people can tell what he really is like, what he dislikes or enjoys. Even when engaged in small talks his only answers always came down to "mhm" It seemed like he didn't like people at all, despite him being the go-to guy for help and advice.

    He was born rather late to his family in a small house here, inside New Gen City and lived a poor life. No siblings or father. And a mother that wasn't the most cheerful of them all. But in the end, he still helped her out to the best of his abilities untill her inevitable passing when he turned 18. It was tough, living alone so early in one's life with no guidance whatsoever, but he pulled himself together and managed to survive. Strolling the streets with a cheerful smile on his face and helping people with their life, that's what he told me, and I couldn't help but admire the man that helped me when I was bullied and left in an alley with my leg broken. That's where I learned of his past, and plans. It was around when the officials started to recruit us, regular people to join their ranks. He called an ambulance and sat next to me saying he'd be there with me untill it's arrival. We talked, but no matter how curious I was and how much I begged, he didn't answer a single question regarding his lonely life without his mother or his life in school. As the ambulance arrived, he put his hand on my shoulder and said that everything will be alright, and that he'll join "Simorgh" so that nothing like this will ever happen to kids like me. To this I couldn't help but ask, why "Simorgh", I mean.. "Behemoth" is so much cooler? Right? Afterall, they're the police, I thought. He smiled, "Who would want to be a pawn, if you can be the chessmaster?" It wasn't the answer I expected to hear, it made me feel uncomfortable, but before I got to say another word he turned around and walked away as the doctors took me away, that's all I saw of him ever.

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    "Oh, what a stupid tale."
    Additional Info: Reserving Number 23. Would like to reserve Underworld Dragon, Dragonecro and Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings, Magician of Creation, Magician of Destruction and Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon for future developement.
    Something about lies or something:

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    Self Tales Deceive UubZyCk

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    Post by Abysswalker Artorias on Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:13 pm

    Subject Name: YUUTO SHIMA
    Compatibility: - CE
    Possible Augments
    [CE] - Vampiric Drain - lost
    [CN] - 
    [NE] - 
    (FB) - Dark Essence - evolved
    (FB) - Dark Ascension - "Once per turn, select one of your Pendulum Monsters on the Pendulum Sale, then select two face-up monsters on your side of the field. Their level becomes equal to that monster's scale.
    Once per turn, select one of your face-up monsters, and one Pendulum Monster on your Pendulum Scale, it's Scale becomes equal to the selected monster's level.

    Only one of the above effects may be activated per turn, and only once that turn.

    Once per duel, if your Life Points are 3000 or less and you do not have a "Rank-Up-Magic" card in your hand, field or graveyard you may select 1 "Wicked Canon" and 3 "Wicked Rune" cards that are in your hand, graveyard, or are banished. Xyz Summon "Number C5: Chaos Chimera Dragon" from your Extra Deck ignoring summoning conditions, then attach the selected cards to it as Xyz Materials. (This is counted as a Xyz Summon).

    The restriction placed on Yuuto's Draw Phase is null as long as he has this Augment.

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