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    World is Mine Empty World is Mine

    Post by Jiyuu on Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:11 am

    "I am the center of the world, such as the Empress should be."


    Lord of the Castle

    World is Mine Zf3vH9J

    Name: Minerva Mundus
    Age: 30
    Race: Human
    Affiliation: Leviathan's Empress
    Deck Name: The World Is Mine
    Deck Theme: A deck composed of War Gods(Bujin) and relics, all supporting greater deities such as Susano'o and Kagutsuchi from the graveyard. The legion of gods mercilessly hinders the opponent at every stop while searching every celestial being it desires turn after turn after turn. On top of this, the greater deities are LIGHT Xyz Monsters that rend the opponent and their forces without halt. In addition, the army contains supportive magic, but Tyrannical Trap Cards that devastate the foe's movements, reflecting Minerva's nature of dictatorship.
    Deck Master: Numbers 104: Masquerade Magician - Shining/War God - Kagutsuchi (True Ace)

    Personality: Minerva can be referred to as a "Chess Master". While many others would simply categorize her as "Total Bitch". The Empress is sadistic and condescending, always treating others below herself. She uses the true nature of humans against them, getting them to do her dirty work. If it's not concerning herself or her subjects, Minerva takes every situation with a casual approach. Basically: if it's not about her, then whatever's going on won't be considered important. Boasting that the entire world was made just for her, Minerva's ego skyrockets by every passing second. Brains, beauty, political power, money, and Dueling Skill, along with many loyal subjects that care to her every whim... Putting the woman down about herself is quite literally an impossible task. Though "Leviathan" was never intended to be her castle, she certainly treats it as such. In fact, irritation is all the other leaders cause her when they get on her case about it.

    Minerva lives working towards a new world based on her "Reason" named: "Musubi". It is the ideology of "I am the center of the world". Being blessed with the "Bujins" which she refers to as: "Yakuma's Magic of the Eighteen Gods of War", the royal pain ultimately believes that she was chosen by the highest of Gods for this Reason alone. Minerva isn't afraid to brag about such, but does at the very least do her part in supporting an entire capital. Of course, this is including backhanded deals in the shadows to "enforce" some laws, or "erase" problems all with a wave of stacked dollar bills. Minerva proves that she gets her job done, but never in the way anyone asks. However, she never sees a problem with it. Minerva is so pampered by her loyalists, nothing she does seems wrong in her mind. In fact, the woman is grateful such lovelorn idiots or money-grubbing hounds are so devoted in such a way. It's hard to see, but props are given to them by their Empress for making her feel like she truly is the "center of the world".

    Bio: [Pending]

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    World is Mine Empty Re: World is Mine

    Post by Jiyuu on Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:12 am

    Subject Name: MINERVA MUNDUS
    Compatibility: - NE
    Possible Augments
    [NE] - None
    [LE] - None
    [CE] - None

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