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    [Character Skeleton]

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    [Character Skeleton] Empty [Character Skeleton]

    Post by God of Sorrow on Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:37 am

    {Image goes here if using an image}

    Name: [The full name of your character]

    Age: [The age of your character]

    Race: [One of the following races:] (NOTE: Race doesn't really give you anything special, aside from Duel Spirit.)
    Human: Regular ol' human
    Mythos: Beings from mythology/superstition like Vampires and the like
    Cyborg: Humans with cybernetic implants in some form or another, can also be completely machine.
    Duel Spirit: Duel Monsters who act as their own Deck Master and duel like normal. (DM effects subject to evolution)

    Allegiance: [Behemoth, Leviathan, Simorgh, Ryuusei]

    Deck Name: [Name of the deck you will be using]

    Deck Type: [archetypes used, overall theme]

    Deck Master: [Your unique Deck Master. use "-->" if evolving to a different Deck Master.]

    Numbers: [Max. 3 at start]

    Appearance: [Describe your character in words if you cannot use an image]

    Personality: [nothing short. Be descriptive. We cannot read your character's minds (unless they can, but that wont happen)]

    Biography: [At least 1 paragraph of information for the other duelists please (see above)]

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