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    Faction - Ryuusei Revolution

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    Faction - Ryuusei Revolution Empty Faction - Ryuusei Revolution

    Post by God of Sorrow on Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:50 pm

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    Ryuusei Revolution

            A rebellious faction aiming to liberate the world from the order of its norm, based on the Reason of “Musore” - Homura Tsubasa’s ideology for a new world. Most notable for its odd level of teamwork for a band of bloodthirsty convicts, runaway nobles, and the like. In addition for that, it is also known for its leader’s remarkable will which is as unbreakable as the world’s strongest diamonds. They do not use many of the newer gains in power, such as Deck Masters, and generally make usage of old-type Duel Disks that have been rewired to fit into the system. They are generally looked down upon for their impossible dream and their goal of destroying the governmental housing establishments of the capital. Even so, due to Homura’s influential mindset that inspired the revolution’s gathering years ago, the irregular synchronization of socially deemed evil minds charges toward their dream without hesitating.

            The Ryuusei Revolution was founded in the past when Homura Tsubasa emotionally snapped after witnessing endless evils before her and toward her. With a booming voice and resounding resolution, she obtained the loyalty of a maximum security prison, and eventually the entirety of England with Queen Elizabeth’s approval. Every member was also given the power to fight back with a famous trademark card named “Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon”. Led by the guidance of Reason, along with Homura and her four bodyguards referred to as the “Asura”... Ryuusei’s goal is to conquer or convince a country of their cause before a full year has passed.

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