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    The forging path duelist


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    The forging path duelist  Empty The forging path duelist

    Post by Antiv2972 on Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:38 am

    Name: Kai kazami

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Allegiance:  Simorgh

    Deck Name: Space-time showdown

    Deck Type: Destroy and search

    Deck Master: Odd-eyes Pendulum dragon

    Numbers: Number 107:galaxy eyes tachyon dragon

    Appearance: 5'10, Brown skin, school boy outfit (mostly consist of orange),messy hair ( black), backpack (consist of: duel disk deck and other important items.)

    Personality: Never give up, Always keep on simling (unless something is wrong or someone is low of the low),Courage, Excited to duel strong duelist.

    Biography: As a foster child of a family of Pro duelist, Kai kazami wasn't good at dueling. He ruined the kazami's pro dueling name, even though he was a child Age 5. Watching and learning how to play better wasn't enough to please his family. Over time, he build his deck of random cards that he would come to learn and love as his true family. He dueled not for the win but to create engaging exciting duels that create smiles so that way other duelist wont feel low like he was as a kid. So, to take those first steps to that goal he decided to follow the rules of the simorgh because he too thinks there should be a balance in humanity so know one will feel how his childhood pain feels.

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