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    Name: Bri Ivy

    Age: 19

    Race: Human/Duel Spirit hybrid

    Allegiance: Leviathan

    Deck Name: Plants and Vines

    Deck Type: Sylvan XYZ/Field Manipulation

     Champion of the Green Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpl1_t-6ZYfTThe7Cwg_72NA8UUA4xdxWxtADZ4N_jwhqDt8pFy12U4QOrea, the Sylvan High Arbiter =>  Champion of the Green Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRHKB8cQlzFGpxkIy2lkVfyMbMeQjM6bimF97u1Ff0aBJsybYUQ3enQeHoAlsei, the Sylvan High Protector

    Numbers: None

    Appearance: Bri is a young woman with brown skin and red hair. She often wears outfits that are primarily green and contain some form of plant motif.

    Personality: Due to the experiments performed on her Bri is a very motherly her plants. She shows an undying love for anything related to plants and gets into fits of rage when they are threatened or harmed. Being apart of Leviathan has however taught her the value of humanity. She struggles with its true comprehension everyday but as the threat of the miasma looms she understands what it really means to be human and the necessity of befriending those that share her will to live. Bri has a sharp tongue and often seems as if she hates those around her but would giver her life for her comrades should the need arise.

    Biography: Bri was an ordinary girl who lived with her family. She never really had issues with anyone and as friendly to any who seeked her companionship. It wasnt until she began to go through puberty that they came for her. Not knowing her true parents or where she truly came from Bri was taken by government officials to be tested on. Using the spirit of the card Queen of Thorns Bri's mind was melded with what was inside of the card. She showed no signs of illness but instead had a mental change and began regarding plants as she would humans. Overprotective of her plants she would often go into fits of rage and resort to violent behavior whenever she felt a plant "call out" to her. The duel spirit within her was calmed when a duel disk was placed in her possession. Using her plants to duel calmed down Bri and their conquest eventually quenched the lust for retribution that was held within. She was placed into the Leviathan organization to be further tamed by the Empress and to be used as a weapon against the threats ahead.
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