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    The Legends of Chaos


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    The Legends of Chaos Empty The Legends of Chaos

    Post by Kitami on Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:07 am

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3x
    Dark Flare Dragon 1x
    Decoy Dragon 1x
    Eclipse Wyern 1x
    Honest 2x
    King of The Swamp 2x
    Lightpulsar Dragon 1x
    Lord of D. 1x
    Maiden with Eyes of Blue 2x
    Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 1x
    Rider of the Storm Winds 1x
    Shining Angel 2x
    The White Stone of Legend 2x

    Black Luster Soldier 1x
    Black Luster Ritual 1x
    Cards of Consonance 1x
    Dragon Ravine 1x
    Dragon Shrine 1x
    Dragon's Mirror 1x
    Fusion Substitute 1x
    Piri Res Map 1x
    Polymerization 1x
    Pot of Duality 1x
    Silver's Cry 1x
    Wonder Wand 1x

    Call of the Haunted 1x
    Castle of Dragon Souls 1x
    Dimension Slice 1x
    Dimension Switch 1x
    Dragoncarnation 1x
    Escape from the Dark Dimension 1x
    Fusion Reserve 1x
    Oasis of Dragon Souls 1x
    Tuner's Barrier 1x

    ---Extra Deck---
    Kachi Kochi Dragon 1x
    Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1x
    Number 46: Dragulon 1x
    Queen Dragun Djinn 1x
    Thunder End Dragon 1x

    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 1x
    Dragon Master Knight 1x
    First of the Dragons 1x
    Five Headed-Dragon 1x
    King Dragun 1x

    Ascension Sky Dragon 1x
    Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon 1x
    Phonon Pulse Dragon 1x
    Samsara, Dragon of Rebirth 1x
    Trident Dragon 1x

    [Reserved cards for character development]

    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
    Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Evening Twilight
    Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon

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