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    Howl, The Conquering Duelist


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    Howl, The Conquering Duelist Empty Howl, The Conquering Duelist

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    "Glory is meeting your enemy's eyes and watching the hope drain away with his life."

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    Howl, The Conquering Duelist 1144599-berserk
    Loss of Righteousness (Plot acquisition):
    Howl, The Conquering Duelist Latest?cb=20120517182924
    Name: Howl
    Age: 23
    Race: Human
    Allegiance: Behemoth
    Deck Name: The Legends of Chaos
    Deck Type: Blue-Eyes, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon(Alternative), Black Luster Soldier, Dragons, Warrior, Spellcaster, Light, Dark, XYZ, Synchro, Fusion
    Deck Master: Black Luster Soldier
    Ace Card: Dragon Master Knight
    Numbers: Number 46: Dragluon

    Personality: Howl is an indomitable force, suited for an aspiring conqueror, defeating all who stand in his path to glory. He hates losing and turning his back to an enemy more than anything and believes that through power and calculated ruthlessness, can the world be united and usher an era of peace. His stoic composure often misleads those around him to believe he is naturally calm, but the man is often more than not easily triggered; however Howl's level of self control prevents him from acting upon said emotion recklessly. This level of honed emotion makes him even more of a threat. Despite this, he does have the charisma needed to be a leader and to persuade others. In the city, Howl has already begun rallying lowly street thugs and duelists to serve his cause. Whether it be through intimidation or defeat, none could deny his offer. In all fairness, they were given two options: either win in a duel or combat. Others rumor that he is no man, but a beast. A demon even, as the common folk refuse to believe otherwise.

    And with good reason do they believe. His stature can only be defined as barbaric, weighing in roughly about 100kg of pure muscle, carrying a mammoth two-handed broad sword over his shoulder. The blade however is dull as can be and is in fact, not a sword, but a duel-disk. The young conqueror's method of dueling is quite unorthodox, as he actually holds his duel-disk horizontal, by its hilt, in one hand for the entirety of his duels. The "blade", so to speak, weighs 180kg. It is undetermined whether or not this actually puts a strain on Howl, but regardless he seems to do just fine. Much like any warrior he is determined and always looking for ways to achieve new strength. Conditioning through punishment and training through resilience. This is how Howl polishes his abilities. And also how he lost his eye.  

    He is extremely perceptive of others. Even those who would appear more cunning than he, Howl is always aware of the intentions of others. Trust or distrust however, is a concept irrelevant to him. People are only worth what they have to offer, he thinks. One of his many philosophy is that any scheme must eventually be tested by strength. This may be why he is negligent to strategy. Lastly, The Conqueror has a strong link to his cards. His deck of course consists of warriors, but also dragons. Sworn enemies by lore, warriors and dragons both impose a position of power, which Howl respects... and seeks after. The Knight, vigorous and brave. The Dragon, eternal and merciless. Are they a reflection of himself? Or have they just been idols? Nevertheless, he will have his ''glory'' and unite mankind under his rule.


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