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    Back And Forth From The Original Flow

    Hellbringer Ryota
    Hellbringer Ryota

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    Back And Forth From The Original Flow

    Post by Hellbringer Ryota on Thu Apr 02, 2015 8:16 pm

    Name:Leonardo "Leo" Giovanni
    Age: 21
    Race: Human
    Ancestor: Ryota Shinai (gives No. 34 Shark Drake, and a reserve on Number 73. Abyss Splash, God of Roaring Seas, No. 101 along with Barian Rank-Up)
    Allegiance: None
    No. 21: Beautiful Lady Of The Frozen Seas
    No. 47: Dream Killer Shark
    No. 32: Dragon Of The Depths, Shark Drake (From Ancestry)
    Deck Name: -"Diver Down"-
    Deck Theme: Sharks

    Deck Master:

    Double-Fin Shark

    (Developing Into)

    No. 21: Beautiful Lady Of The Frozen Seas
    Goofy, clumsy, unreliable with pretty much any job thats given to him. Its almost a suprise he's the younger brother of the Behemoth leader Dante Giovanni. But, when he's with his brother he will try to complete tasks to the fullest. Since he feels like he owes it to Dante considering he inherited their ancestor's deck.
    The Youngest Son in the Giovanni family, who actually didn't really make much of himself till Leo was by his Father's side before he died. A spiral of mixed emotions filled him at only the age of 13. He didn't have anyone to turn to considering his brother and mother were too busy lucked up in their own rooms. Spending a lonely time just packing up the things in his Father's study most the time... Remembering the bonding times they all had as a family.. And thats where he got that box, the one containing an old dusty deck that had been rumored to be lost.

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