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    Post by BlackSno on Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:07 pm

    Core Strength 88bb869ba3d46f595d1e51d7a72fb27e

    Name: Elise Orma

    Age: 22

    Race: Cyborg

    Allegiance: Simorgh

    Deck Name: Core Prototype -> Core Evolution -> Core Perfection

    Deck Type: Core Chimail, Themed around individually powerful monsters with unique effects and requiring maintenance or are otherwise Artificial in appearance.

    Deck Master: Core Chimail Prototype --> Core Chimail Overdose

    Numbers: Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon, Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk, Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon (Developing into others, Number 101: Silent Honors Ark Knight)

    Personality: Reserved, but not afraid to speak her mind when asked a question. A Deep Respect for Maksim, oweing him her life and wishes nothing more but to see his vision for the future succeed. She has a brute force approach to things, much like her own deck uses brute force tactics or straight up denial.

    Biography: A girl with an unknown past before coming to the Republic. She came here as a duelist who was unknown, and remained that way for quite some time. She was rather skilled though, matching up to some of her older peers but as always she was ever an invisible duelist that no one noticed when she did something. Until one day, She beat one of her superiors in a duel to decide if she would succeed him. In a shocking turn of events, she defeated him in a very close duel and cheered as the celebration occurred that night. however, for her, The celebration never happened. On the way to the party, she disappeared from existence, no one knows what happened to her, only that She vanished. Until one day, she appeared at the Doorstep of the man named Maksim, bloody, broken, and barely alive. When he finally came out and saw her, she was only conscious enough to utter the phrase. 'Please... Just one more chance...' On a whim, he decided to save her, bringing her inside and after much time and effort she was alive, but only thanks to the Cybernetic parts he had given her. They kept her alive and functioning. To her, it was the kindest thing anyone had ever done, even if he hadn't done it out of kindness. Afterwords, She spent a few years in his lab, constantly having her cybernetics tuned and improved and eventually being taught how to do so as well, becoming Maksim's apprentice after all that time spent on the examination table. It has been a long time coming, but finally he believes she is ready to step out into the world again, and she is ready to prove her teacher, and savior, that his trust and assistance were well placed. Since then everyone had forgotten about that young girl, but she was a young girl no longer, but now more than ready to prove her skills with an all new deck, and all new abilities.

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