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    Akuten Shishio


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    Akuten Shishio Empty Akuten Shishio

    Post by Akuten on Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:09 pm

    Name: Akuten Shishio

    Age: 23

    Race: Cyborg

    Allegiance: Behemoth

    Deck Name: The True Machines

    Deck Type: Superheavy Samurai, Machine monsters

    Deck Master: Superheavy Samurai Swordsman:

    •Power Swap - "Once per turn, 1 "Superheavy Samurai" monster you control can attack while it is in face-up Defense Position. If it does, apply its DEF instead of ATK for damage calculation.

    Appearance: A 5' 10" male with light brown skin, despite his normal appearances, his arms and legs are actually cybernetic

    replacements due to an accident several years back. He prefers to wear long black jeans and red t-shirt along with a

    longsword he carries on his back.

    Personality: He is generally a nice person to everyone, except his enemies and he doesn't have many of those. He is a

    smart man, he watches and waits for the right opportunity to act. He doesn't believe it is wise to be hasty and that

    everything has a proper timing. He has a weird tick about guns and smoke, if they are present or mentioned, he will get

    angry and be on alert unless it is out of sight or the subject is dropped. In the worse case of this, he will attack without prejudice.

    Biography: Aku was a semi-regular guy who lived with his grandparents in the woods outside the city. Aku's parents

    traveled alot so he ended up living with this grandparents for this reason. His grandparents did not like the city, they

    thought it was too loud and dirty. Aku went to school in town though since his grandparents did believe in him getting a

    good education. In addition, his grandpa taught him survival techniques and his grandma taught him swordsmanship.

    Appearantly, the women in his family's history were all expert weapon experts, go figure. He was pretty good at it too, he

    was a natural according to his grandma. He decided to travel the world when he was 18 to see what was out there beyond the

    woods. Before he left, his grandparents gave the family heirloom, a longsword from their ancestors way back when. He

    thanked his grandparents immensely and walked off with the longsword on his back.

    A year later, in an inn he was staying in a two he stopped in, there was smoke coming from the lobby downstairs and he

    went down from his room to see what was happening. When he got downstairs, there was a huge mass of smoke and aku coulda

    sworn he saw eyes within the smoke. Faster than his honed senses could react, he was shot in the arms and legs from

    seemingly out of nowhere. From the ground, he saw the glint of a gun barrel being pointed at him, ready to fire. Suddenly,

    the smoke and gun just vanished as quickly as they appeared. Aku could not completely understand what was happening at the

    time but the pain finally caused him to black out. He woke up in a hospital bed several months later, his grandparents

    were there watching over him as he woke up.

    According to what his grandparents told him, his arms and legs were shot in places that were very difficult to reach by

    surgery so it seemed he would not be able to move anymore and that the pain was so hard to cope with for his body, he fell

    into a coma for four months just for his body to recover. The reason his grandparents were there was that there was a

    letter from his parents from abroad. In the letter, it stated that his parent heard what happened to him and could find a

    way for him to move again but he would have to enlist in a military force in a certain city once the procedure was done.

    Aku did not like the idea of using his skills to serve a military but if it meant being able to move again, then the

    choice was clear. A week later, he was sent off to the imperial republic for his cybernetic limb treatment. Two weeks

    after his treatment, he went to the military force's HQ. God only knows what he will encounter in this city.

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    Akuten Shishio Empty Re: Akuten Shishio

    Post by Akuten on Sat Feb 14, 2015 11:39 pm

    Subject Name: AKUTEN SHISHIO
    Compatibility: LG
    Possible Augments
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