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    Rei Kizumi


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    Post by Rei on Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:54 am

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    Name: Rei Kizumi

    Age: 21

    Race: Human

    Allegiance: Simorgh

    Deck Name: Hidden Strength

    Deck Type: Charmer/Spellcaster

    Deck Master: Lyna the Light Charmer

    Numbers: Number 39: Utopia

    Personality: Rei likes cute things and likes watching cute animals, and even her deck itself reflects this die of her. She is shy and reluctant to approach anyone because she is afraid they might abandon her eventually. At times, she is prone to daydreaming. She dislikes bugs and she also dislikes cruel people. Her one passion is dueling because it gives her some sort of excitement in her life. Her one fear is that those close to her would come to harm.

    Biography: Rei was born in the countryside. Her parents, who were farmers, often had her help them with their work, which led to her developing close bond to animals there. When she reached the required age, her parents sent her to nearby city. The city was the refuge of sorts, or so she had heard. She heard people whispering, about monsters that were outside and
    how this city was the only safe haven. So Rei decided to stay here. She went to a deck shop to purchase her deck, because she loved to duel. While searching, she found a Charmer deck and purchased it.

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    Post by Rei on Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:15 am

    [spoiler*="D.A.S Questionnaire"][/spoiler]

    1. Family elders are expressing disapproval of you to the rest of the family. Do you:
    [B] Seek a compromise with them?

    2. Would you give up a promising career to aid the family in time of need?
    [A] In a heartbeat.

    3. Would you betray a family member to advance your own career?
    [C] I'd resist the temptation.

    4. Do you respect the leaders of your family?
    [B] They're role models for me.

    5. If your family had arranged your marriage to someone loathsome, would you:
    [B] Agree, hiding your reluctance?

    6. You're estranged from a family member. On his deathbed, he seeks reconciliation. Do you:
    [D] Actively seek reconciliation, and heed his dying words?

    7. A powerful but corrupt judge offers you wealth if you'll testify against your friend. Do you:
    [D] Testify on your friend's behalf, no matter the consequences?

    8. Do you become close to friends, or hold most people at a safe distance?
    [C] I have few close friends.

    9. Have you ever betrayed a friend?
    [D] I'd never contemplate such a thing.

    10. How do you view lifelong commitment to a single romantic partner?
    [A] I have or want such a romance.

    11. Do you insist on repayment when lending money to friends?
    [D] No, they just owe me a favor.

    12. Are you still in touch with childhood friends?
    [D] No, I don't have anything in common with them anymore.

    13. Do you donate time and money to improve the local community?
    [B] Yes, I donate as much as I can once my own needs are met.

    14. Your community is threatened with invasion. Do you:
    [B] Defend the area with the rest of your community?

    15. If you were injured and required immediate assistance, would members of your home town agree to help?
    [A] Yes, because they know I'd do the same for them.

    16. Do you respect the laws and authorities of the community?
    [B] Yes, they're generally the best way to govern.

    17. Do members of your home town shun, avoid, or mock you?
    [C] No, I'm generally seen as normal.

    18. Would you stand for office or seek to represent the interests of the community in some public manner?
    [B] Of course. It's everyone's duty to do so.

    19. Your country is wracked with famine. Would you:
    [B] Eat as little as possible yourself, and share the rest?

    20. If offered enough money, would you slip a poison into your king's drink?
    [D] No, and I'd warn the king of the plot.

    21. A plague is sweeping across your country. Would you:
    [B] Heal the sick as best you can?

    22. Do you respect the lawful authority of the rulers of the land?
    [B] Yes, our rulers are generally fair and just.

    23. If you were offered a reasonably lucrative deal, would you spy for a hostile foreign power?
    [D] No, because I'd never violate the trust my nation puts in me.

    24. Do you rely on the government to enforce contracts and property rights?
    [B] Yes, because the courts are best equipped to handle such disputes.

    25. If imprisoned, would you injure or kill others to escape?
    [D] No. Those guards are just doing their jobs.

    26. Do you accept a noble's right to treat badly the serfs who work on his land?
    [D] No one has any "right" to treat another badly. Period.

    27. You have accidentally committed a crime. Do you:
    [A] Turn yourself in, and attempt to make restitution to the victim?

    28. If guilty, would you confess to a crime?
    [B] Yes, because it might get me a lighter sentence.

    29. Would you express a revolutionary political opinion if threatened with punishment?
    [B] Yes. Somebody's got to speak the truth.

    30. While traveling, you witness an assault. You are ordered to testify, which will delay your travel significantly. Do you:
    [D] Remain until the trial's conclusion in case further testimony is needed.

    31. What is the best use of wealth?
    [B] Provide for the needs of friends and family.

    32. When confronted by beggars, do you:
    [B] Give moderately?

    33. By using magic, you could fool village merchants into thinking your copper pieces were made of gold. Do you?
    [D] No, those merchants have families to feed.

    34. You have two job offers. One pays more, but the other is secure and steady. Which do you choose?
    [D] Definitely the secure job, because I plan for the long term.

    35. What's the best path to wealth?
    [D] Hard work and perseverance.

    36. If you accepted a job or contract, would you try to finish the task even if it got much more dangerous?
    [B] Yes, because it's good to have a reputation for dependability.

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