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    Dancing Princess


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    Dancing Princess Empty Dancing Princess

    Post by Lyris5 on Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:06 pm

    Name: Cyber Tutu

    Age: 30

    Race: Duel Spirit

    Allegiance: Behemoth

    Deck Name: Cyber Hall

    Deck Type: Cyber Girl, Cyber Angel; Gathering resources to Summon the Cyber Girls' ace(s) in Priority (high to low): Cyber Blader, Cyber Angel, Cyber Prima

    Deck Master: Cyber Tutu --> Cyber Prima

    Numbers: None.

    Dancing Princess Latest?cb=20111121005913

    Personality: Despite her respect and amiability, there have been many times where she gets shy. A prominent example is when she's among a huge crowd, especially of strangers. Since her heartbreak with Emily, she thinks that the less populated a crowd is, the better chances will be that she'll join it, especially if any of her friends [from along the way] are among that crowd. It's also been hard for her to share her feelings and ideas because of that same heartbreak and fear, which can be recognized at certain times. However, she is not one who would easily back down from a challenge to a duel, especially if it's directed towards her.

    Biography: The owner of Cyber Tutu's card lived in the Great Plains, USA. A young, female ballerina named Emily had cherished the card as her spirit partner ever since she got her 1st copy of it on her 7th birthday from a pack. With shared interests, they each exchanged dance moves very often between Emily's dance classes. Later in her tween years, while leaving her father's funeral where the poor ballerina was seated. Cyber Tutu had laid in the grass for almost a month, waiting for her partner to return, only to find out that she had pulled another copy of itself during that time. Distraught and heartbroken by this, the now-lone spirit ran away from the country.

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    Dancing Princess Empty Re: Dancing Princess

    Post by Lyris5 on Fri Dec 26, 2014 10:08 pm

    Subject Name: CYBER TUTU
    Compatibility: - LN
    Possible Augments
    [LN] - Balancer
    [LG] - None
    [LE] - None

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